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18 January 2021 | Buy

BUY | Family Zone Cyber Security Limited

A growing family

Family Zone Cyber Security Limited (ASX:FZO)

We have reviewed and recommended FZO previously, and now provide an update on the company’s latest performance data.

Developing and distributing cyber safety products and services in Australia, the United States, and New Zealand, we see FZO as being the right Software as a Service at the right time. The ASX’s latest periodic report revealed an outstanding +100% YoY growth across all key metrics for a record quarter.


• Contracted 425 new schools (143% YoY growth)
• Contracted 233k new student licenses (164% YoY growth)
• Signed contracts with an annual value of $2.33 million (151% YoY growth)
• Signed a record of $4.1 million in total value of contracts (103% YoY growth)
• Collected $2.5 million from customers (101% YoY growth)
• Ended the quarter with +1.5 million contracted students and 1.67 million on the platform
• Ended the quarter with 324% YoY growth in the size of our pipeline of schools in trials
• Ended the quarter now servicing more than 3% of US school districts
• Ended the quarter with 3,133 schools on the platform (153% growth in 12 months)
• Ended the quarter with 2,862 contracted schools (145% growth in 12 month

Company profile

Family Zone Cyber Safety Limited develops, markets, distributes, and sells cyber safety products and services in Australia, the United States, and New Zealand. The company offers the Family Zone platform which delivers cyber safety settings, advice, and support to parents and schools across various networks and devices to keep children safe at home and school, as well as permitting telecommunication service providers and device manufacturers to embed cyber safety practices into their offerings. It provides solutions for parents, schools, IT leaders, educators, residential managers, and pastoral care, as well as for hot-spotting, VPNs, and mobiles. The company was incorporated in 2014 and is based in Perth, Australia.


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