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11 December 2020 | IPO

BY Corporate Advisory: Delivering success and opportunity


Baker Young Corporate Advisory has secured an outstanding start to the FY20/21, having led 14 deals to raise over $65m in capital for Australian listed and unlisted companies.

The capital was raised through six Initial Public Offers (IPOs) and eight Excluded Offerings (Placements and Underwritings). Baker Young has also partnered with external brokers on additional deals, raising a further $3m.

These deals enable Baker Young clients to take advantage of the early opportunity to acquire stock at the list price, with all but one of the latest 14 companies rising above their entry listing price.


Sophisticated Investors… are you on the BY Corporate Advisory Premium list?

BY Corporate Advisory now prioritise access for our Sophisticated Investors to non-disclosure (Placements, Pre-IPO and Pathfinder) deals that we lead. Clients who have registered with BY Corporate Advisory and are qualified Sophisticated Investors are given an exclusive 2-hour pre-release window to participate in our deals. After the 2-hour window, the deal is opened to other brokers and other Sophisticated Investors who do not currently have accounts with Baker Young.

To register, please email Find out more about becoming a Sophisticated Investor click here.


ASX Floats

BY Corporate Advisory is now releasing IPO’s which are in high demand, and we look to reward our retail clients as best we can by giving them priority access. There are a few limitations of when we can disclose an IPO to retail clients, but you can be informed as soon as one of our IPO’s is lodged with ASIC. BY Corporate Advisory cannot accept a bid for an IPO prior to the opening date.

To receive our announcements for IPOs, please email to ensure you are included on our exclusive list.

BY Corporate Advisory strongly recommended you talk to your Advisor before applying for an IPO.