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16 October 2020 | IPO

Chaucer Energy Limited IPO

Chaucer Energy Limited (Chaucer) is raising $4.5m to $5.5m in capital
to establish a JORC over its Maullin Concessions in Chile, and to prepare
for gas production with first revenue in 2022/23.

Baker Young Corporate Advisory is Joint Lead Manager for the IPO on the ASX.

Chaucer Energy Limited (Chaucer) is an Australian company with world-leading In-Situ Gasification (ISG) expertise, operating across key coal assets in Chile. The company utilises ISG to provide gas and electricity to regions in urgent need of energy supply. With ISG recognised by the Chilean government within its National Energy Agenda, Chaucer’s model is “quick-to-power generation and quick-to-revenue”.

If you are interested in participating, please contact your Baker Young advisor.

More information

Read the IPO prospectus.
View the Chaucer Energy Limited presentation.

Company and IPO background

Focus on Chile – with 18 million people, Chile has the highest per-capita GDP in South America.
•  Electricity demand has doubled since 2000 and is set to more than double again by 2050.
•  Chile is a modern, Pacific nation economy.
•  Chile has the 8th highest electricity price for industry among International Energy Agency (IEA) nations.
•  Firewood accounts for ~60% of domestic energy production! Cleaner energy is an urgent bio-health issue.
•  The Chilean Government is supportive of projects that add domestic power generation and gas supply, including the Chaucer Energy Project chosen on the basis of known coal deposits, past drilling data, existing coal geology, and local energy needs.
•  Exploration concessions have been granted for three project locations.

A fast-to-market strategy.
•  Chilean Government has previous experience with ISG.
•  No preliminary trial is planned – 3MW of power generation needs minimal approvals.
•  Indicative costing for power development on granted concessions already undertaken.
• A small and staged power play is planned to minimise capital expenditure and risk and create early revenue.
• Creating revenue from power generation in 2022/23.
• High growth revenue opportunities through modular-MW expansion and then multiple sites operating.
• Post-listing regular and important milestones to grow the market cap objective.

Key dates

Date of Chaucer Prospectus: 9 October 2020
Opening Date of the Offer: 19 October 2020
Broker Firm Closing Date 30 October 2020
Closing Date of the Offer 11 November 2020
Allotment of New Shares 25 November 2020
Dispatch of holding statements 26 November 2020
Anticipated date of ASX listing 1 December 2020

Dates are indicative only and subject to change. Applications can only be accepted on the Application form contained in the Company’s Prospectus lodged with ASIC on 9 October 2020.

Fee Disclosure
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