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14 July 2020 | Corporate

Corporate deals: Access to discounted share offers

Corporate deals: Access to discounted share offers


Have you ever noticed deals being offered to Sophisticated Investors and Institutional Investors at a 10-20% discount to current market price? By the time you hear about them, the deal is done.

A combination of access to discounted deals and advice from your broker can add to your portfolio’s bottom line. So how can you participate?

First you need to be certified as a Sophisticated Investor under Section 708 of the Corporation Act. To qualify you must provide an accountant’s certificate which states that you either have $2.5m in net assets or have an income in excess of $250,000 a year for the previous two years. A certificate is easy to acquire, just click here for an application form.

Once certified, register as a Sophisticated Investor by either contacting your advisor or email

Over the last financial year, our Corporate Advisory team was the Lead Broker in 11 deals and participated in many others. Baker Young and its clients and colleagues raised over $55m for listed and unlisted companies. An example of the deals we completed last financial year can be found on this link here.