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17 March 2021 | Update

Delta Drone International Limited (ASX:DLT)



Well placed to execute growth strategies

Delta Drone International Limited (ASX:DLT) listed on 31 December 2020 and is Australia’s only listed drones-as-a-service business. The company provides end-to-end commercial drone services in the mining, agriculture, and engineering sectors in six countries across the globe, and they are developing new markets and industries for this specialised service.

DLT has a diverse service offering of contract and project services that include aerial surveying and mapping, security and surveillance, and blast monitoring and fragment analysis, as well as safety system and compliance management. DLT has built an industry-leading reputation as it works with prestigious customers including South 32, Newmont Mining, and Syngenta. Recently formed strategic partnerships with Fortune 500 company, Doosan Mobility Innovation, and the University of Pretoria confirm DLT’s leadership in the industry.

DLT provides fast, accurate, and tailored data solutions, designed to remove the challenges and cost of managing drone operations in-house, and allows customers to focus on core business operations. DLT takes care of everything in the air so its clients can focus on everything that is happening in their business on the ground.

DLT concurrently runs a state-of-the-art R&D and integration centre with a dedicated team of experts. This team has successfully pioneered the industry’s safety standards by designing a patented flight termination system – SafeAir – an autonomous parachute technology designed to meet the strict safety regulations set by the world’s civil aviation regulators.

DLT’s SafeAir technology will be paramount to the drone industry’s evolution to move towards flights over people through towns and cities. Demand for SafeAir to be integrated into other drone hardware has skyrocketed around the world due as the technology is the sole reason hundreds of organisations have been granted flight exemptions and waivers by civil aviation authorities to fly drones over people including the FAA, AESA, EASA, CAAI, and Transport Canada.

Globally, DLT has only scratched the surface of what drones are capable of. Advances in technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration, new software innovations, and the capacity to fly beyond-line-of-sight safely have analysts predicting the industry will continue to boom.

DLT is at the forefront of this drone technology evolution and will continue to create the most advanced hardware, software, and safety technology, and work with civil aviation authorities on the journey to enable flight over people.

The global commercial drone market size is projected to reach US$34 billion by 2026, from US$6 billion in 2020.

DLT is well placed to execute its growth strategy to expand the industries and countries it services with A$5.2 million in the bank.


Baker Young acted as Lead Manager to the IPO in December 2020 for which it received fees.

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