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20 August 2021 | Update

Global leader in child cyber safety with pure growth potential


A pure growth company, a global leader in school cyber security, and motivated to keep children safe

With a large proportion of the world working, studying, and schooling from home, the demand for IT services and all things related became increasingly important – Family Zone Cyber Safety Ltd (ASX:FZO) was in the right place at the right time, and remains so.

The company recently made two significant global acquisitions, supported by consistent revenue growth, and is well-positioned to continue its upward momentum.

What is exciting is Family Zone’s mission to solve a worldwide problem, with the company stating the current geographic regions are just the beginning. The company will focus on English-speaking countries first, and will then look to expand into Europe.

Whilst it may be considered overly optimistic to compare Family Zone to Afterpay, they do share similarities. Family Zone’s business model is 24/7, scalable, and a portable solution for minors through to year 12 students, thus the addressable market is huge and continually expanding. Revenue is subscription and transaction-based, with the ability to grow the average revenue per user significantly. Further, schools are considered incredibly sticky, with students and parents a potential customer for the full education cycle (12 years).

Family Zone’s Managing Director Timothy Levy is incredibly proud of the company’s ability and states, “Every day we are making a positive impact on kids lives, and in some cases, literally saving lives”.

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