Below are some of the key investment decisions that our portfolio managers have made and the reasons for them.


Corporate Travel Management Limited

After establishing a leading role in Australia’s business travel market, CTD has taken advantage of its relatively strong balance sheet and superior...

IMP Monthly Report | July 2021

The Australian share market rose 1.09% in July, extending its remarkable rally to a 10th consecutive month, equalling its longest winning streak in 52 years

BUY | Imugene Limited

We feel the attractively priced $95m raising gives IMU the funding it needs to progress and potentially even look at other opportunities...

BUY | MA Financial Group Ltd

MAF management and employees have plenty of skin in the game, led by Founder and MD Jason Pridham (28% shareholder) and US parent Moelis (20%)...

NGS: Reaching for new heights

Nutritional Growth Solutions is experiencing a significant period of growth, recently reporting record quarterly revenue of US$1.03m...

A cutting edge oncology company

Given the demand of Chimeric’s primary asset, chlorotoxin, and its star-studded management team, the company’s share price shortly after listing reached...

Baker Young expands into Queensland

We are thrilled to announce the Baker Young family has grown with the launch of our new office on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

IMP Monthly Report | June 2021

For IMP/YMP, like most investors, it was an exceptionally rewarding but challenging year, with extraordinary market conditions reflecting the historic...

BUY | Mighty Kingdom

Mighty Kingdom (ASX:MKL) is the largest independent game developer in Australia, designing game experiences from the ground up for consoles, PCs & mobile...

ESG choking the life out of oil and gas

Market action suggests the end of the global oil and gas industry is in sight. No longer should discounted cash flow forecasts exist in perpetuity...

The booming economy – Wow

We recently finished the latest round of interviews with our SMEs across Australia. The experiences of those business owners are more polarised than...

SMEs are cranking up their prices

Recently, Cameron Research reached out to a host of SMEs across the country. A key theme that emerged is that those that CAN increase their prices ARE...

Case study: Ignite Limited

Ignite may be a speculative buying opportunity, however, at present the company should be watched for early signs of improvement. For now, we are looking...