With Bakers Young's Portfolio Management Services, the hard work is done for you.

Absolute Transparency

All shares will be directly owned by yourself. When trades are executed, a letter is sent out by your advisor to explain the reason for the transaction. This innovative model allows you to be included in the portfolio management process while not having to focus on the demanding day-to-day monitoring of the portfolio.

Room For You To Move

While your advisor will look after the day-to-day operation of the account, if you have a long term holding or want to buy an individual holding, it can be facilitated.

You Come First

Priority is given to managed clients in Floats and Placements, allowing clients to obtain stock in ‘high-demand’ situations, where they otherwise may have missed out. Along with this, under the Managed Discretionary Portfolio service, an advisors day-to-day time is also prioritised towards managed clients, often resulting in an outperformance of a passive client.

Tax Benefits

Unlike standard managed funds, a Managed Discretionary Portfolio gives you direct share ownership with the benefits of franking credits. Franking credits allow Australian companies to pass on tax paid at the company level to shareholders.


You will receive regular detailed reports on your portfolio’s performance. This includes a comprehensive End Of Financial Year tax report prepared for your accountant. We also provide online access, allowing you to check your holdings any time of the day.


As the accounts are discretionary, your advisor is able to seek out opportunities that can often be time critical. Whether it be a highly important announcement made by a company or a surprise interest rate decision, often timing is critical to get you the best price.


Premium, boutique & actively managed

Managed discretionary portfolios are a premium, boutique, actively managed service that allow our advisors to act on your behalf, completely removing the stress from the investing process. Your advisor will work with you to determine your risk profile and then set a framework by which your portfolio will be managed.  We will establish a diversified portfolio focusing on actively trading shares from within the ASX.  The portfolio will be actively monitored by your advisor on your behalf, taking advantage of opportunities that are present in changing market conditions.

 Various strategies will be utilised to maximise returns while aiming to minimise capital risk. The Managed Discretionary Portfolio option provides the greatest degree of flexibility to tackle market volatility and maximise returns.

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