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10 February 2021 | Update

Motio Limited (ASX:MXO)

Well capitalised, with a long runway for growth

Who is MXO Limited?
An out-of-home (OOH) and place-based media company connecting brands with on-the-go consumers through its platform of data-led networks across Australia. With significant coverage of convenience, health, and leisure sites as well as its transit network across Australia, MXO Limited (MXO) enables brands to reach, engage and communicate with consumers at the moment of maximum influence.

MXO has been selecting locations where it can anonymously garner first-party data from its property partners or represented digital out-of-home networks and app platforms. This data is then aggregated to advertisers to unlock a deep understanding of consumer patterns and audience behaviour. This is being developed through first-party data sources, presence, and sensor technology (which forms part of the digital screen display installations within their environments). During this process, the audience information is anonymously harvested on a viewer’s age, sex, mood, and viewing time.

MXO are working on machine learning and AI technology which will offer continual enhancements as data is received, evolving naturally with an increasing range of human signals and observations. The developing platform’s learning capacity will grow in parallel with acquired data, resulting in a more thorough and detailed analysis of its viewers.

This technology is not new per se, as it has been in existence for a while (used by Westfield as an example), however, it is the first time the technology is being utilised as a centralised platform/network providing feedback/data based on audience interactions and engagement with digital content, not only to brands and their advertising agencies but the property partners as well.

Through this specialised audience focus, MXO is connecting its networks programmatically, allowing advertisers to automatically program how they buy advertising on the MXO platforms. These platforms enable brands to engage with a desired population at crucial times that are relevant to a person’s mindset, location, behaviour, habits, and spending patterns.

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