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20 August 2021 | Update

NGS: Reaching for new heights

Nutritional Growth Solutions (ASX:NGS) creates nutritional supplements that are scientifically formulated by paediatric doctors, patented and clinically proven to support growth development in children.

The company is experiencing a significant period of growth, recently reporting record quarterly revenue of US$1.03m (an increase of 90% from the prior corresponding period), record sales in Italy (surpassing US$500k in wholesales in the first three months), and the signing of a supply agreement with Chemist Warehouse in China (placing the company ahead of schedule for medium-term expansion plans).

Looking ahead, three senior leaders have been appointed to drive the company’s Healthy Height® product to the next stage of international growth – a President in the U.S., a Commercial Director for China and a Global Strategic Advisor. Bringing a wealth of industry knowledge with them, these hires will play a large role in increasing Healthy Height’s market share in current and new markets and deliver on their vision to become a leading household name for child nutrition.

The company was founded by paediatric doctors at the Schneider Children’s Medical Centre of Israel after more than 20 years of research into the link between nutrition and child growth development. The research found that while 80% of height is determined by genetics, 20% can be influenced by specific combinations of micro and macro-nutrients taken at certain developmental ages in children between three years and puberty.

The patented formula is clinically proven to increase height and weight in short and lean children aged 3 – 9 years old by 13.8% – 34% to their annual growth with no increase in Body Mass Index (BMI) over a one-year period.

Available under the brand name Healthy Height®, the product is available as a shake and nutrition bar in five countries – China, United States, Italy, Canada and Israel. The company also licensed the use and distribution of the Healthy Height formulation in India for a one-off fee of ~A$15 million at the time to GSK, which is currently held by Unilever.

In the US, Healthy Height® has an insurance billing code that enables patients (usually children who do not qualify for growth hormone therapy) to access the product at a lower price point with health insurers covering the reimbursement.


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