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17 November 2020 | IPO

ParaZero Ltd IPO


ParaZero Ltd (PRZ),
to be renamed “Delta Drone International Ltd” (ASX:DLT)
is raising between $3.5m and $5m in capital through an offer of
up to 125,000,000 fully paid ordinary shares at an issue price of $0.04 per share

Baker Young Corporate Advisory is the Lead Manager for the IPO.

Following the proposed merger of ParaZero Ltd and Delta Drone South Africa, the company will be renamed Delta Drone International Ltd. This merger will create the only stock exchange-listed drone-based data service provider with a market capitalisation of $15m before the IPO, and revenues of just under A$6m, growing at 40% year on year, over the last three years.

Delta Drone International creates a high growth, truly internationally capable and compliant drone services company, able to operate in both urban and rural environments. This will enable new services to be provided to a broad range of industrial and commercial markets that are currently finding it difficult to overcome the regulatory and operational burdens of flying drones in populated environments. In-house specialties include:
• Enabling proprietary technology
• R&D and integration centre
• Ability to ‘fly anywhere’ and ‘over people’

View the IPO prospectus.

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Delta Drone South Africa (DDSA) is a proven and profitable provider of commercial drone data services. The company has demonstrated its expertise in growing its core Rocketmine business, focused on the mining sector, into new industries and verticals while maintaining strong profit ratios. These new verticals include its innovative Rocketfarm agriculture-focused expansion and Drone Aviation Training Services business, which is a leading provider of commercial drone training services in South Africa.

ParaZero Ltd has demonstrated its ability to research, develop, and commercialise drone technologies and products. The company intends to leverage its existing technology expertise in order to deepen and complement DDSA’s suite of services for current and future target markets. The company’s technologies allow the realisation of regular commercial drone services in urban and populated environments, which until now have been either banned or highly restricted by aviation regulators.


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