Share Trading

Share trading provides the opportunity for clients to take advantage of time sensitive opportunities, events or trends that can result in extraordinary returns.

Our advisors provide their analysis and expertise in a number of disciplines to give you the best possible chance of profitable trading.

Share Trading

Baker Young’s advisors use various techniques to extract profit from the market. To deliver profitable returns on your investment, we use technical analysis, arbitrage opportunities, capital raisings, deep value investing and various other strategies.


IPO’s and Capital Raisings

Baker Young originates and participates in numerous IPO’s and Capital Raisings (Placements) each year. By joining the Baker Young IPO list below, clients can receive priority access to share offers that the general public don’t get to participate in.  Please visit the ‘Corporate Advisory’ page for more details on IPO/Floats and Placements in which Baker Young has participated.



An ETF, or exchange traded fund, is a marketable security that tracks an index, a commodity, bonds, or a basket of assets like an index fund.

ETFs are commonly used to gain exposure to commodities and indexes that cannot be accessed though ASX listed companies.

ETFs are growing in popularity as a tool to diversify and obtain exposure to a wider variety of markets with minimal ongoing costs and maintenance. Our advisors can provide you with a long list of the various Exchange Traded Funds and explain the benefits of each of the different alternatives.



The Baker Young Derivatives Desk offers specialised, consultative advice on a range of derivative products. Qualified professionals will design a strategy based on your individual requirements.



Warrants can offer all of the benefits of share ownership, including dividends and franking credits, with a reduced capital requirement. Warrants offer a diverse range of investment alternatives with varying degrees of risk and associated return for an outlay that can be significantly less than the outright purchase of shares. Warrants are available to suit a wide range of investment strategies across a broad range of requirements and risk return profiles – from the conservative investor of a Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) right up to the speculative day traders.


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Exchange Traded Options

Exchange Traded Options offer a vast range of strategies that can be designed to enhance your trading returns, or provide protection or insurance. A wide variety of trading strategies are available, all with different outcomes and associated risk profiles. Our dedicated Specialised Options team is available to develop, construct and execute trading and/or risk management strategies that are appropriate to your requirements.


  • Hedge or insure specific shares or an entire portfolio against a fall in the market.
  • Lock in a guaranteed buy price for shares.
  • Generate additional income from your share portfolio – “a dividend every month”.
  • Speculative trading – Leverage your capital and profit from share price movement without the high capital cost of owning the shares.
  • Gain exposure to shares with limited and defined risk.

Managed Portfolios

With Bakers Young's Portfolio Management Services, the hard work is done for you.

Managed Portfolios

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Deceased Estates

Do you need help with managing a Deceased Estate? Click here to learn more

Deceased Estates

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