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19 November 2019 | Corporate

Shares for Christmas

Best Christmas present... shares for children

If you purchase $500 worth of shares for a child between now and Christmas,
Baker Young will only charge $25 per transaction

We look at this over an 18 years time frame, and this would build a tidy nest egg.

If you bought just $500 of blue chip shares each Christmas since 2001, that portfolio would be worth approximately $24,350 today in shares and dividends.

We believe this makes the perfect Christmas present strategy for children and support you by only charging $25 to complete a $500 share transaction for a child between now and Christmas.

This long terms investment strategy is one that gives more to the child than profit:

  • It builds on the concept of saving and investing.
  • It educates children over time the advantage of shares.
  • It creates an investment portfolio of Blue Chip shares

Note: The investment strategy used for this example is the purchase one lot of of $500 of shares from the ASX Top 20 each Christmas, selecting the companies in alphabetical order. The strategy does not include the reinvestment of dividends.