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09 October 2019 | Corporate

We purchased shares in K-Tig Limited (KTG)

Purchased shares in K-Tig Limited, a small Emerging Company capitalized at just $50million.

K-TIG is a transformative, industry-disrupting Welding Technology Company. The Manufacturing and Operations of K-Tig are conducted in Adelaide.

K-Tigs Welding system is unique which allows welded products to be exceeding strong, no excess welding mounds and no grinding to create a seamless welded join. The actual welding time is up to 100 times faster than conventional welding.The welding as a service system has and is exported to customers in over twenty Countries, which includes “Blue Chip” customers such as General Electric (G.E.) Siemens, Bilfinger, Doncasters, Defence Materials Technology Centre and the U.K.  Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.

K-TIG first listed as a back door listing on to the Australian Stock Exchange today.