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17 May 2021 | Update

XTEK Limited: Revolutionary technology for the frontline

Revolutionary technology for the frontline

XTEK Limited (ASX: XTE) provides revolutionary protective technology and tailored solutions for frontline soldiers through their world-class ballistic solutions including helmet systems, hard armour, soft armour, ballistics shields and platform armour.

These high-quality frontline combatant products and tailored solutions are provided to government agencies, law enforcement, military, space, and commercial sectors. XTEK’s focus is on developing and commercialising high-value proprietary technologies and solutions by leveraging the company’s established distribution network in global markets which was expanded further by the acquisition of US company, HighCom, in 2019.

There is a clear pathway to value upside, underpinned by the innovative state-of-the-art XTclave™ processing facility in Adelaide which enables the delivery of high performance and lightweight ballistics solutions. The two key XTclave™ products are the ballistic plates (a unique, lightweight body armour plate with increased product life and added buoyancy) and the composite helmet (capable of stopping common AK-47 bullets). The XTclave™ technology has unique technical advantages that can be leveraged into other applications and applied in new sectors, including spacecraft and space applications. XTclave’s key advantages for space applications include the ability to produce materials with higher specific strength to weight ratios, and the ultra-high process pressure can reduce composite outgassing.

XTEK’s world-class actionable intelligence and software range includes the XTatlas™ and SARBI™ software solutions. XTEK’s XTatlas™ application provides real-time situational awareness by connecting sensor data to the geospatial domain. XTatlas™ ingests and visualises full-motion video from manned and unmanned ground and aerial platforms. From such videos, XTatlas™ creates accurate and real-time geo-referenced mosaic maps, terrain elevation and 3D models. Use in combat ensures real-time situational awareness and targeting during a mission which is critical to the safety of soldiers.

The company also has a range of unmanned systems including Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS), Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) and spacecraft. XTEK is a leading full-service supplier of SUAS, and has a strong relationship with the Australian Defence Force, including delivery of SUAS products and a long-term repair and maintenance services contract. XTEK has proposed a fully unmanned sensor-to-shooter solution to the ADF and overseas which picks up sensor data from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), processes the data through XTatlas™ and supplies a firing solution to a weapon system (remote weapon station, missile or rocket system) carried by its UGV. This capability is completely unique and very cost-effective compared to existing manned solutions.

XTEK’s Board of Directors has been strengthened with the recent additions of Brigadier Mark Smethurst DSC, AM (Ret’d) who brings over 35 years experience in the Australian Army, and Christopher Pyne, former Minister for Defence, both as Non-Executive Directors. Both appointments bring a vast knowledge of the Australian Defence Industry, and will ably support Chairman, Uwe Boettcher, Managing Director, Philippe Odouard and fellow Non-Executive Director, Chris Fullerton, on the Board of XTEK.



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