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16 October 2020 | IPO

Corporate Advisory raises the bar

Baker Young Corporate Advisory raises the bar

Baker Young Corporate Advisory delivers strategic growth for listed and unlisted companies through advice, networks, capital raisings, and shareholder engagement. In the last 12 months, our Corporate Advisory raised the bar, leading and participating in almost $70 million in capital raising. You can view a chart of the transactions here and read about our latest IPOs here… Chaucer Energy Limited and Mayfield Group Holdings Limited.

Corporate Advisory services brochure

Our new services brochure is ready for print and will be released soon!  If you would like a copy, please contact our Corporate Advisory team, but for those who are impatient, you can catch a sneak peek by clicking here!


Standing out from the crowd

Our Corporate Advisory has been engaged in the primary and secondary capital markets for almost 30 years, specialising in smaller companies pursuing growth. We connect CEOs with shareholders, investors, and brokers through tailored engagement strategies to enhance capital raising and achieve their goals.

As South Australia’s premier independent advisory firm, we have the ability to transact and work in conjunction with major broking firms, providing greater access to a broad range of opportunities.

Through our Sophisticated Investor network and Funds Under Management, Baker Young Corporate Advisory has the ability to make quick decisions on unique capital market opportunities. In addition, Baker Young has the ability to underwrite in-house.

Our Corporate Advisory services extend well beyond deal distribution. Our clients enjoy access to our full business development services, coupled with good old-fashioned personalised service and integrity.

•  Business management
•  Capital structuring
•  Pre-IPO, IPO and secondary markets capital raising
•  Retail investor engagement
•  Sophisticated investor engagement
•  Broker engagement
•  Marketing and communication advice
•  Capital markets
•  Investor relations compliance (ASX Rule 3.1) support for your Board

Partnering with you

Fundamental to our Corporate Advisory service is a commitment to a long-term, goal-driven relationship with our clients. Our knowledge and experience will support your business needs, from concept to passing $100 million in market capitalisation. From here, our strategy extends beyond Baker Young, as we connect you with your next broking partnership to continue your progression to the ASX300 and beyond.

If you would like to know more about our Corporate Advisory services, please contact our Corporate Advisory team.